QuickStar 300

Engine Hp: up to 950+ at 25psi.

MP-4650 Pump with FilterMP-4601 Standard Pump













For the requirements of turbo, supercharged or nitrous assist systems, where the high volume of the ProStar is not required

  • High performance when rated at flow vs. pressure
  • External by-pass to eliminate pump cavitations
  • Instantaneous compensation for sudden changes in fuel demand
  • Consistent, reliable fuel supply for optimum carburetor performance
  • Compatible with both alcohol and gasoline racing fuels
  • Light weight
  • Hand assembled to the highest quality standard
  • Pump bodies computer machined out of high quality 6061 Aluminium
  • Custom built low amperage motors – the best in the industry
  • Compatible with 12- and 16-V electrical systems
  • No metal to metal contact for reduced wear and greater reliability
  • Blades self-compensating for wear
  • Flow tested to ensure maximum performance
  • All MagnaFuel pumps are rebuildable to “as-new” factory specifications


Model No. Horsepower Pressure Amps @12.5V Ports
MP-4650 950 25–36psi 10A@25psi 2 x #10 in and out, #8 bypass
MP-4601 950 25–36psi 10A@25psi 2 x #120 in and out, #8 bypass

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